Technical Cams

WELTER has many years of experience in free-form milling of gears in both soft and hard fine machining. We have transferred this experience to the production of cams. Modern and highly precise machines in combination with well-trained skilled workers enable high product quality and flexibility in product execution. Engineering knowledge and extensive testing and measuring equipment confirm the quality in the supplied documentation, which already meets the highest standards in the standard. With always up-to-date software, the curve geometry can be calculated and implemented in production and measurement programs

Our manufacturing component sizes up to 2000mm diameter. Surface quality Ra = 0.4 is achieved by hard fine milling. Case hardening, nitriding and tempering steels are processed as materials.

Radial Cam

Cam Groove

Cylindrical Cam

Radial Cams
Single or complementary curves, both screwed or in one piece. Precision milled cam tracks in one fixation
Groove Cams
The groove cams show forward and backward movement in one component. There is no return spring or complementary cam required.

Cylindrical Cams
Different laws of motion such as modified sinoids, trapezoids or polynomials