Bevelgear Sets with extremely small Axis Angle

Bevelgearset with Axis Angle 10°

Beveloid Gear

For applications with extremely small axle angles (e.g. ship drives, automotive 4×4 drive trains), beveloid gears are mostly used. As an alternative, we can offer and manufacture straight bevel gears with extremely small shaft angles comparable to beveloid gears.

Area of a Bevel Gear Tooth

Area of a Beveloid Tooth

The comparison of the contact patterns shown above illustrates the advantages of bevel gearing compared to beveloid gearing:

- larger contact area
- lower surface pressure
- Longer service life
- No head shortening required

Until now, however, it was not possible to manufacture bevel gears with a small axis angle and correspondingly extreme machine distance. We manufacture these bevel gears by free-form milling. Optionally, fine milling is also possible after hardening in order to achieve high quality classes with regard to concentricity and noise.