Herringbone gearing

Herringbone Gear / Sykes Gear

Chevron Pinion / Sykes Pinion

Chevron Gear / Sikes Gear

Herringbone gearings as well as double helical gearings have a reduced tooth width by constant stress compared to helical gearings. Moreover a lower number of teeth can be realized without undercut. Due to symmetrical flanks, the herringbone gearing generates no axial force. The torque transmission is constant and common helix angle is about 20 ° to 30 °. Herringbone gearing is used e.g. in Turboprop gear boxes because of low vibration and the consequential increased service life. Further application areas are vertical mills, presses and pumps. Commonly double helical gearing is utilized to create a tool outlet and bypass production difficulties. Cause of innovative 5 axis machining the WELTER zahnrad GmbH manufactures real herringbone gearing trouble-free. We produce

  • from modul 2
  • till Ø 2,5 m
  • and max. 20 t