Face Gears

Crowngear ground

Face Gear 50°

Face Gear Ground

Face gears are used in angular transmissions together with one or more spur- or skew- toothed gears. In the past they were displaced by bevel gears because of the former manufacturing processes. Due to modern production processes and the improvement of these processes at WELTER zahnrad it´s now possible to produce gears with a quality index of 5 according to DIN 3967. Advantages:

  • Variable shaftangle from 0° to 150°
  • Axial relocatability enables an easy installation and a constant contact pattern under load
  • Triple gear sets are easy to adjustable
  • Ratio until i = 20
  • Positioning with offset
  • Efficiency comparable to spur gears
  • Bevel-spur-gear-combination is possible with only 3 parts
  • No temperature sensitiveness
  • No or a little axial force with spur gears
  • Separated production of crown gear and pinion – no pairing necessary
  • Wearless over life period

Known application range of crown gears:

  • Drives for human transport systems (Monorail)
  • Compactor adjusting for grader rollers
  • Rear axle drives for cars and motorbikes
  • Swivel mechanism for operating tables
  • Angular milling heads
  • Driven tool systems with several pinions and one crown gear

Our technology partner BALANCE DIVE AG will advise you in design of face gears and will be pleased to make you an offer