New investments

Hoffmann RO7000 Orbistar (2024)
Spur gear shafts in turbo transmissions often have plain bearings. In addition to the bearing points, measuring tracks for vibration sensors are usually required. These must exhibit almost perfect concentricity both mechanically and electrically. With our run-out test system, we can measure and document the "total run-out" as the sum of the mechanical run-out (tactile sensor) and electrical run-out (eddy current sensor).
Hwaechon VT1150 (2024)
In the medium range for diameters of 800-1270mm, we are expanding our turning capacity with a vertical turning center with tool turret (12 stations) and automatic tool measurement. In addition to the increase in capacity, we have also added another bottleneck machine with an alternative machine.
TOS BUC63CNC (2023)With our new cylindrical grinding machine TOS BUC63CNC we are not only faster and better in quality but we also extend our possibilities in cylindrical grinding to parts up to ø630mm, l=3000mm and a weight up to 2.500kg.
Hyundai KM2600MTTSAs an expansion investment, the new 9-axis turning-milling centre with main and counter spindle as well as milling head and tool turret with driven tools allows the complete machining of gears and shafts in one clamping.
Correa Norma L45 (2022)
As a replacement investment, the new 3-axis travelling column milling machine offers a machining area of 5500x1200mm, which can be divided by a partition wall. Especially for the machining of gears and shafts, we have equipped the machine with one vertical and one horizontal rotary table each as 4th axis.
Studer S33 (2022)
Especially in the field of spiral bevel gears, we were also able to win orders for larger quantities. In order to meet the requirements for fast and precise grinding, we have installed a cylindrical grinding machine from Studer on which we can perform both internal and external cylindrical grinding. If necessary, non-round contours such as polygons can also be ground on the machine.
Timeline ERP (2022)
To improve our processes, we successfully switched our ERP system to Timeline ERP from Gebauer on 7 November 2022. The decisive advantage for us is that the MES is completely integrated into the ERP and we can thus map our complex order structure in one system without interfaces. In addition to expanding our machine capacities and recruiting additional employees, this should make a significant contribution to optimising our production performance.
Modul H800 (2022)
In order to meet the growing market needs and high quality requirements, we are expanding our production in the field of soft toothing of spur or helical gears with a very stable and rigid gear hobbing and form milling machine from FFG-Modul. The machine can machine spur gears up to module 14 and a diameter of 800mm.
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Klingelnberg C50/C60 (2021)
For efficient dry cutting of bevel gears, we have acquired two well-preserved used machines, type Klingelberg Oerlikon C50 and C60, for the module range from 1.5-11mm. In connection with the Oerlikon bevel gear grinding machines, high-quality bevel gears can be manufactured cost-effectively both in Klingelnberg and Gleason method.
Reiden RX14 (2021)
In order to expand our production capacity in the middle range with diameters of 800-2000mm, we will receive in February 2020 a machining center with turntable (400min-1), 2-fold pallet changer and a tool magazine with 204 places.
Reiden RX10 (2020)
In addition to maximum flexibility in the production of the toothing contour, the free-form milling of gears also offers the possibility of producing low-noise gear teeth. We can also precision mill the teeth after hardening. In October 2020, we therefore expanded our capacity with a powerful Reiden RX10 machine with a 5-fold pallet changer for workpieces up to a diameter of 1400mm
Mori NLX2500Y/1250 (2018)
To expand our turning capacity, a powerful lathe with driven tools was purchased for middle sized parts. In particular, we work here shafts with profiles, for example according to DIN5480, which can be machined completely in a single clamping, both soft and hardened
Klingelnberg G60 (2018)
With this additional mid-size bevel gear grinding machine, we are expanding our capacity to meet the growing need for high-precision, noise-optimized gears and continue to deliver attractive leadtimes.
Klingelnberg G30 (2016)
Bevel gear grinding machine of the type G30 from Klingelnberg with extensive optional equipment. With a nominal output of 14 kW it provides sufficient power to components up to a diameter of 300 mm in the module range of 0.7 to 8 mm. High-precision gears according to Klingelnberg, Oerlikon and Gleason can be manufactured.
Niles ZE 800 (2016)
The Gear Grinding Machine Niles ZE 800 provides the efficient and high-precision production of double helical gears from the turbo transmission area to grinding with CBN wheels for the aeronautics sector. Furthermore, Hirth-serrations and internal teeth can now be grinded from a minimum diameter of about 180 mm.