WELTER zahnrad is bronze sponsor of TUM Boring
TUM Boring is a student initiative of the Technical University of Munich and takes part in the competition "Not a boring Competition", which was announced by The Boring Company founded by Elon Musk. We are pleased to support TUM Boring as a bronze sponsor.
Bevelgear Sets with extremely small axis angle

Bevelgearset with Axis Angle 10°

For applications with extremely small axle angles (e.g. ship drives, automotive 4×4 drive trains), beveloid gears are mostly used. As an alternative, we can offer and manufacture straight bevel gears with extremely small shaft angles comparable to beveloid gears.
Elliptical Spur Gear

Elliptical Spur Gear

Elliptical gears enable torque transmission with unequal ratios in circulation. Applications include pick-and-place systems where a part must be gripped and set down slowly, but the movement in between is fast. Another example is adjustments where a finer setting is required in the centre position.
Technical cams allow an uneven or indexed output with a uniform drive. In mechanical engineering, cams are subject to the highest demands on accuracy.
Ground Facegear

Face Gear Ground

Face gears offer a high efficient, reliable and precize rectangular Transmission. Compared to bevel gear sets the easy assembly and simple bearing requirement are advantegeous. We have developped an production method which provides face gears with ground - noise optimized teeth -> Please enquire to us for more Information