Spur gears / Helical Gears

Spur gear for locomotive drive

High load spur gear pinion for tunnel boring machines

Helical Gear with Hirth Coupling

We are producing

  • pinions
  • pinion shafts
  • wheels
  • ring gears

and a wide range of special parts of

  • spur-toothed or skew gear types
  • with internal and/or external toothing
  • and milled, slotted, shaped or ground toothing.
  • Quality 3 acc DIN3967 available

We are able to fabricate Diameters and shaft lengths up to 3000 mm on modern machines build by the leading providers of cutting machines – reaching highest requirements in toothing and surface quality. The usage of necessary profile characteristics such as profile crowning, tip and/or root relief, root radius, etc. ensure a quiet run  for the special range of applications.  This will give you a crucial advantage e.g. regarding increasing demands for reduced noise emissions.